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GDDKiA WebsiteArchive 2011

New version of the website - the best source of information about the electronic system of toll collection.


The website is not only a compendium of information about the electronic system of toll collection, but also an extensive portal for its future users. The system will be implemented in Poland from 1 July this year and will replace toll stickers used so far, so it is worth visiting the website already now to learn the basic information about it.

Available since 5 January, the website so far contained basic information about the electronic system of toll collection viaTOLL, which will be implemented in Poland as from the beginning of July this year. On 26 January it was extended with new information. All the information in the website is available in two languages: Polish and English. Further language versions – German, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian, Belarussian and Ukrainian – will be launched in a few days.


The website is intended for two kinds of users of the viaTOLL system – drivers of heavy vehicles (TIR lorries, lorries, buses) and light vehicles (passenger cars, microbuses registered for up to 9 places, two-wheeled vehicles). Relevant sections of the portal provide information about the registration rules and methods and the legal grounds for introducing the viaTOLL system in Poland.


The website will be regularly updated and extended with new applications, and its users will be able to acquire information about any new things by means of a Newsletter and short message service. To receive such notifications it is enough to register, which can be done using the registration form available on the main page.

Another interesting source of information will be the Press Centre tab. It will be systematically updated with any news and publications that will be published about the viaTOLL system.

The interactive website will not only be an exhaustive source of information about the system and any issues connected with it, but will also contain many useful applications.


Most of all, it will allow preliminary registration in the system and starting a user’s account. Users will be able to check the level of the prepaid account (intended for electronic tolls) and pay into the account (“recharging the account”). To make things easier, an application containing a user’s manual for viaBOX devices will be used to collect electronic toll for using paid roads.


The explorer will allow users to find the relevant Distribution Point or Customer Service Point, while the calculator will allow calculating the toll, which may be especially useful when planning the most optimal route.


By means of the website it will also be possible to send queries and opinions, which will next be sent to the Infoline and system operator.

The website - in its target form – will be a stable and extended Internet platform serving as the main channel of customer service. It will constitute a comprehensive source of information not only for particular registered users, but also for all drivers.