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Oddział w Bydgoszczy
ul. Fordońska 6
85-085 Bydgoszcz

tel. centr. 52 323 45 00
fax 52 323 45 04
NIP 554-22-52-485


Oddział w Gdańsku
ul. Subisława 5
80-354 Gdańsk

tel. centr. 58 511 24 00
fax 58 511 24 05
NIP 584-24-56-536


Oddział w Białystoku
ul. Zwycięstwa 2
15-703 Białystok

tel. centr. 85 664 58 00
fax 85 651 37 83
NIP 542-27-52-914


Oddział w Katowicach
ul. Myśliwska 5
40-017 Katowice

tel. centr. 32 258 62 81
fax 32 259 87 10
NIP 954-24-02-923


Oddział w Kielcach
ul. Paderewskiego 43/45
25-950 Kielce

tel. 41 34 03 900, 41 345 74 31
fax 41 366 48 04
NIP 657-03-86-703


Oddział w Krakowie
ul. Mogilska 25
31-542 Kraków

tel. centr. 12 417 25 00
fax 12 411 01 18
NIP 675-12-72-475


Oddział w Lublinie
ul. Ogrodowa 21
20-075 Lublin

tel. 81 532 70 61
fax 81 743 71 68
NIP 712-24-27-134


Oddział w Łodzi
ul. Irysowa 2
91-857 Łódź

tel. centr. 42 233 96 00
fax 42 233 96 08
NIP 725-17-13-273


Oddział w Olsztynie
ul. Warszawska 89
10-083 Olsztyn

tel. centr. 89 521 28 00
fax 89 527 23 07
NIP 739-32-79-711


Oddział w Opolu
ul. Niedziałkowskiego 6
45-085 Opole

tel. centr. 77 401 63 00
fax 77 454 44 68
NIP 754-00-03-773


Oddział w Poznaniu
ul. Siemiradzkiego 5a
60-763 Poznań

tel. centr. 61 866 88 21
fax 61 864 63 69
NIP 779-21-73-262


Oddział w Rzeszowie
ul. Legionów 20
35-959 Rzeszów

tel. centr. 17 853 40 71 do 74
fax 17 853 64 84
NIP 813-11-06-223


Oddział w Szczecinie
Al. Bohaterów Warszawy 33
70-340 Szczecin

tel. centr. 91 432 53 00
fax 91 484 39 97
NIP 852-23-53-687


Oddział w Warszawie
ul. Mińska 25
03-808 Warszawa

tel. centr. 22 209 25 00
fax 22 698 60 45
NIP 113-20-97-244


Oddział w Wrocławiu
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 186
53-139 Wrocław

tel. centr. 71 334 73 00
fax 71 367 17 69
NIP 899-24-41-331


Oddział w Zielonej Górze
ul. Boh. Westerplatte 31
65-950 Zielona Góra

tel. centr. 68 327 10 68
fax 68 325 34 68
NIP 929-01-16-588


GDDKiA WebsiteGDDKiAArchive 2012

  • Cracks at the A2 route - all remedial programmes were obtained


    All contractors at the Stryków - Konotopa section of the A2 route responded to the GDDKiA request to submit remedial programmes. The document forwarded by the contractor of the C section, the DSS company, has already been verified by the GDDKiA. The programme meets all contractual requirements and the contractor confirmed to maintain the warranty for the surface.

  • The first analysis of cracks


    Most of the low-temperature cracks at the A1 and A2 expressways being under the construction phase is located at the junction of working parcels - as it could be seen from the preliminary analysis of proposals for repair of the cracks submitted by three of contractors at the A1 (SRB and Sando) and the A2 (DSS) expressways.

  • The contractors at the A2 route submit remedial programmes


    After the yesterday request to contractors for the immediate repair of cracks at the A2 expressway Stryków - Konotopa, the General Directorate has achieved the first Remedial Programme submitted by the DSS company constructing the C section.

  • The environmental proceedings on the issue of the western bypass of Lublin were in accordance with the law.


    The Supreme Administrative Court upheld the cassation field by the Lublin division of the GDDKiA concerning repeal of the judgment of the Voivodeship Administrative Court on the environmental decision for the western bypass road of Lublin. The court found that variants of the route were prepared at the stage of obtaining the location decision, which was controlled by both the Voivodeship and the Supreme Administrative Court.

  • 9 out of 11 contractors did not submit recovery programmes. The GDDKiA exploits the 15.1 closure.


    Merely two out of eleven contractors of expressways A1 and A2 being constructed at the moment submitted remedial programmes concerning removal of cracks and chaps detected recently by technologists of the GDDKiA.

    Presented remedial programmes shall be analysed during next few days, no later than by the 9th of March.

  • The request for reparation of cracks at the A2 route.


    Within 7 days, the contractors on the Stryków - Konotopa section of the A2 expressway, shall submit to the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways the repair programme for cracks formed in the construction layers of the expressway. All repairs shall be performed at the own expense of the contractors.

  • The GDDKiA examines causes of cracks on the surface of the A2 route. Examinations do not withhold other works.


    As it could be seen from findings of technologists of the GDDKiA, on the surface of the A2 route between Łódź and Warsaw cracks in the asphalt sub-base emerged after last frosts.

    Mostly, cracks appeared on the so-called technological seams that is in areas of the asphalt sub-base, where a section of asphalt laid one day ends and begins another one, laid on the next day.

  • The first such passage for animals in the Świętokrzyskie


    The first “tunnel” passage for large and medium animals in the Świętokrzyskie region shall be prepared together with the construction of the bypass road for the city of Kielce within the course of the expressway S7. The assembly of the original construction of the object from specific ready-made semicircular components of the corrugated iron has already commenced.

  • The construction of the A2 motorway, section C is not threatened


    On Wednesday, 15th January a meeting of the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways officials with representatives of the consortium Bogl and Krysl and DSS, companies constructing the section C of the A2 motorway from Łódź to Warsaw, was held. The aim of the meeting was to gain information concerning reorganization within the supply of materials for construction in winter, to which the consortium was obliged two weeks ago, and information on how lodging applications concerning the bankruptcy of DSS, announced by its sub-contractors will influence the contract accomplishment.

  • We will have asphalt on the A2 for Euro 2012


    With reference to the today article in The Rzeczpospolita entitled “For Euro 2012 the A2 Motorway Will Have no Asphalt Layer,” the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways informs that on the 91st kilometre of the A2 motorway from Łódź to Warsaw there is an asphalt layer on the section of over 70 km.