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Eurovia – 99 cracks covered with 3 lies


With regard to the Wednesday’s statement of the Eurovia company, incorporated into the Vinci group, which is the polemic with the facts determined in the course of the detailed laboratory tests, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways informs:

1. The first lie: The A2 has cracks because of taking too hard asphalt which cracks in the Polish climate.

The cause of appearing of the crevices and cracks, among others, on the constructed by the Eurovia company section A of the A2 motorway from Stryków to Konotopa, is not the defective technology of the high modulus asphalt concrete, what was raised by the contractor in the letter from 2011, but the lack of the proper protection of the subsequent elements of the road construction or the mechanical damages to the route by the saw cuts. This is an evident construction malpractice. The so-called low temperature cracks, ie. those that appear when the construction cracks in the frost due to the too hard asphalt, did not appear – and this is what Eurovia wrote about in the spring of 2011. See the pictures of the A2 surface damaged with saw in the section A:

picture no. 1, picture no. 2picture no. 3


2. The second lie: there have never been any objections to the quality of the roads built by Eurovia

See the official example documents from different contracts realized by Eurovia, where one can find the proofs for the objections of the GDDKiA technologists as to the quality of the work of that contractor, the orders to do repairs issued by the Contract Engineer and the summary of the results of the monitoring of the quality of works for 2011 – the results which do not comply with the requirements are marked with red colour;

see the documents:

document no. 1, document no. 2, document no. 3, document no. 4


3. The third lie: the warnings from the Eurovia letter of 2011 were confirmed

In relation to the Eurovia letter of March 2011 GDDKiA together with the Road and Bridge Research Institute organized in May 2011 the special seminar dedicated to the arguments of the contractor on the use of the technology improper for the Polish weather conditions. The RBRI, which for more than 10 years has been working on the development of the proper technology for the asphalt roads for Poland, rejected all of the Eurovia arguments. Rejected was also the argument, that the adapted method to use the surface of the High Stiffness Modulus – that is those on which the ruts do not appear – is god for France, but not for Poland, where bigger decreases of temperatures occur. That is why the RBRI adjusting the technology to our country conditions changed the used in France very hard asphalt to the softer one, on which in our weather the cracks and ruts do not appear. See the documents from the seminar:


The above mentioned events do not change the fact that Eurovia constructed in Poland for example the section of the S7 road from Elbląg to Pasłęk, and even though the technological irregularities of different types occurred, they have been fixed by the contractor, the road is now in operation and there are no problems on the road so far. Moreover, the fact shall be stressed that despite the deficiencies noticed during the construction works, they were corrected by the contractor, and due to that there were no reasons so far to terminate the contract with Eurovia. Therefore there were no reasons not to consider this company’s offers in the further orders.