Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment" 2007-2013



OPI&E Institutional Framework:

  • Managing Authority: www.mr.gov.pl
  • Implementing Authority (Second Level Intermediate Body) for road projects - Centrum Unijnych Projektów Transportowych (Centre for EU Transport Projects): www.cupt.gov.pl
  • OPI&E Internet site: www.pois.gov.pl

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) is a beneficiary of 49 projects on the main list and 29 projects on the reserve list of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment. The total amount of the allocation for projects GDDKiA: 10,37 billion euro.


Subject to the list of individual OPI&E projects for the years 2007 – 2013, updated on  19 october 2015, the projects are divided as follows:

Priority Axis VI: TEN-T (Trans-European Network for Transport) road and air transport network:

  • Measure 6.1 Development of TEN-T road transport network: 28 projects on the main list and 12 projects on the reserve list;
  • Measure 6.2 Ensuring efficient road access to the largest cities in eastern Poland: 3 projects on the main list and 4 projects on the reserve list;

Priority Axis VIII: Transport safety and national transport networks:

  • Measure 8.1 Safety in road traffic: 1 project on the main list;
  • Measure 8.2 National roads outside TEN-T: 17 projects on the main list and 13 projects on the reserve list.

The updated list is available at:



Moreover, GDDKiA is a beneficiary of a competition project within Measure 6.1, and receives support within XV Priority Axis – Technical Assistance as one of the main beneficiaries of OPI&E.


To the end of 2016. GDDKiA all projects financed with EU funds under OPIE 2007-2013 they were completed in terms of material and financial. GDDKiA was the beneficiary of 51 EU projects (full list of contracts) with a total value of over 75 billion zł, including the contribution of the EU nearly 46 billion zł. Throughout the duration of the financial perspective GDDKiA filed 797 requests for payment for the amount of eligible expenses 58.286 billion zł.


CUPT verified and testified to expenses in the amount of 53,300 billion zł, including the contribution of the EU amounted to 45.304 billion zł. The European Commission refund the due execution of road projects amount of over 42.286 billion zł, including broken down by:
- Priority VI - 33.864 billion zł
- Priority VIII - 8.422 billion zł
GDDKiA is expected to refund the final payments for individual projects. Currently, the 5-year life of the projects, calculated from the certification by CUPT request for final payment of the project.